I’m so excited! When we first decided to plant lavender it was because we wanted to share it. The idea was basically an “if we plant it – they will come” approach. We imagined a sea of purple a buzz with bees where people would come and experience the beauty for themselves. Walk about, perhaps have a picnic, experience the lavender with all of their senses and have a great time.

That original vision never materialized. We planted the lavender and it grew into a beautiful sea of purple a buzz with bees. But the people could not come, even though many wanted to. Our vision didn’t include parking or a reasonably negotiable slope. The field is surrounded by trees which allow no parking and the hillside is steep – too steep for many people to easily walk about on. It turns out that our visions of beauty with the intent to share turned out beautiful but not very practical.

We were always limited on how much of our property we could plant lavender on because we had horses. Fantastic horses that we loved dearly. The day came last spring when I found new homes for the last of our horses. My physical body just can no longer adequately do the physical things that horse keeping entails. I miss them terribly – perhaps I’ll write more about horses at a later time. The up side of no longer having the beautiful spirit and energy of the horses is that we now have more room for lavender.

Our new easily accessible, relatively flat sea of purple will be located right near the road where there is lots of parking and there will be lots of lavender! I can hardly wait for the baby plants to grow. Our original dream will finally be realized. People can come and experience with all of their senses. People can come and stroll through the lavender, have a picnic or just be. We can share… and I’m so excited!
for the love of lavender….

November 9, 2006