Frequently Asked Questions

Farm Info

When are you open?

Our farm is open everyday in July from 10-5. Come visit us!

Can we have events at your farm?

The rustic charm of Wayward Winds Lavender Farm makes for an excellent location for small gatherings. Contact us for more information!

Can I have a photoshoot at your farm?

Yes! We love to host photoshoots, and our lavender fields and rustic props provide an idyllic background for any occasion.

Professional photographers can find all the information they need about having a photoshoot at Wayward Winds Lavender Farm here

Casual photographers can come snap some shots at the farm during our open hours in July for free.

Can we bring dogs to your farm?

Yes! We welcome leashed, four-legged friends to enjoy the lavender with their families.

When is you lavender in bloom?

Our small field of Angustifolia (English) lavender begins blooming late June/early July. Our large field of Intermedia lavender varieties begin blooming early to mid-July. Blooming season typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

Product Info

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Yes! You can learn more about a wholesale partnership here and contact us if you are interested. Most of our products can be bought wholesale, while we also offer private label, ready-to-label, and bulk options.

Do you offer consulting for people to learn more about lavender?

Yes, we do. Please contact us to learn more about our consulting services! 

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available at several specialty retailers throughout the Willamette Valley, including Made in Oregon, Red Ridge Farms, and NW Food and Gift. All of our products can also be found at our farm everyday in July from 10-5, while they are also easily accessible in our Etsy store and online shop.

Do you sell gift cards?

We do! Our E-gift cards can be purchased in our online shop and applied like a coupon to any order. Send to a loved one as an exciting gift delivered to their inbox!

Please note that our e-gift cards are not redeemable in-person or in our Etsy shop, just in our online store!