Interested in capturing the magic of Wayward Winds?

We love our farm and think it’s pretty magical. We are so glad you agree! If you want to capture the beauty of our farm and are considering our farm as the location for a photoshoot, please read through the information below so that you know what to expect, and let us know if you have any questions!

Let us know you’re coming!

We charge a $40 venue fee per 2-3 hour professional shoot. For photographers with multiple clients, the fee is $25 for each client booked on the same day. You can schedule a time to come to the farm by filling out the form on the left. After hours shoots are happily accommodated.

For casual photographers: You can snap some shots at the farm during our open hours in July for free. We are open 10-5 everyday in July. Any photographers participating in the Oregon Lavender Association Photo Contest can also shoot for free. 

There are several rustic props we use to liven up our farm. Feel free to use and move around any that are out on display, such as the wicker furniture, couches, and bathtubs, but please return them back to their original position after you are done! Please do not use anything that is clearly not set out for public use.

We are open to the public everyday July1st – August 9th from 10-5. Keep that in mind when scheduling a time to come out. Appointments before and after hours, and throughout the year are available. All before and after hours shoots, or off-season shoots must be scheduled in advance.  Please give us at least 3 days notice, and if you need to cancel please email us at

Our farm spans several acres with perfect photo opps scattered throughout. Multiple photographers can easily shoot at the farm at the same time. By filling out the form on the left we will know when to expect you. We cannot guarantee that you will be the only photographer shooting on our farm during that time. 

The lavender will likely bloom until August 10th, after which the petals will turn brown and fall off. Photographers are still welcome after the 10th, but please do keep this in mind when scheduling a shoot.

We want to see your masterpieces!

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