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Photoshoots are available to professional photographers. Book your shoots in July & the beginning of August if you want a blooming lavender field. However, if you'd just like to do a photoshoot using the other rustic charms and landscapes of our farm you are welcome to book year around.

Interested in capturing the magic of Wayward Winds?

We love our farm and are eager to share the beauty with you!

For professional and commercial photo shoot inquiries, please see information below to book a session.

Let us know you’re coming!

  • $60 for up to a 2 hour session for one client.                        (The shoot can be multiple people as long as it is one client and not individual clients. Example: A family of 7 is one client, a bridal party of 12 is one client.  However, a group of senior girls is only one client if they are only doing a photoshoot together and not getting individual senior photos at the same time.  If in doubt…send us a inquiry message.  We are happy to work something out that works for everyone!)
  • Payment is due before midnight on the day of your photoshoot on the farm.  We will send you a confirmation email and an invoice to pay online.  If there is an employee present at the farm stand on the day of your photoshoot you may pay at the checkout counter.  Otherwise, you will need to use the invoice sent to you to pay online anytime between the time of booking the photoshoot and midnight on the day of the photoshoot.  There will be a $30 late fee charged if you do not pay before midnight on the day of your photoshoot. 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  July is our busy season and it is highly inconvenient for us to track down payments from photographers.  This is why we’ve had to add the $30 late fee.  Cell phone reception is spotty at the farm.  To accommodate for this we are giving you until midnight on the day of your photoshoot to pay your invoice. 

  • An invoice will be sent to you the week before your shoot.

  • If you pay at the farm please send us an email letting us know you did so. 

    Otherwise, you will be billed for the $30 late fee.  We appreciate your help and cooperation with this policy.

  • You can schedule a time to visit the farm by filling out the form on the left. After-hours shoots are happily accommodated during July between 7 am-9 pm.
  • Up to a 2-hour session for photographer and 1 client. NOTE: A client is one entity paying for one session. ex: a family paying for a family photo shoot session or a senior paying for Senior photos. 
  • Photographers may arrive 30 minutes before the session to set up at no additional charge.
  • We are open to the public 10-5 every day from July 1st – July 31st. Keep that in mind when scheduling a time to come out. This is when our field is in bloom.
  • Our golden hour starts around 6:30 pm.
  • Our farm spans several acres and, while we cannot guarantee you will be the only photographer at any given time, there is plenty of room with many lovely settings to select.
  • We often have small group classes or larger group events on the farm after hours.  We have blacked out events on our scheduling calendar that are too busy to give photographers a good canvas for beautiful pictures. 

You are welcome to bring your own props as well as use the wicker furniture, couches, and bathtubs we use to liven up our farm.  Please return all props to their original position after use and kindly refrain from using anything that is not set out for public use.

Keep in mind the best bloom time is during July (small fields are in bloom as early as late June, large field blooms mid-July through early August).  Visitors may be on-site during your session.

Our golden hour starts around 6 pm.

Help us care for the lavender plants while staging photos and feel free to visit our u-pick for bundles of lavender.

Photographers are hosts for their clients during the session and may wish to remind them this is a working farm.

Wayward Winds Lavender is not responsible for the quality of work or relationship between client and photographer.  Photographers must pay for sessions before midnight on the day of the photoshoot or a late fee of $30 will be applied.  There are no refunds if you miss your time slot, however, we can reschedule your session.

We want to see your masterpieces!

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