Lavender Distillation Services


Our Still

Our copper still holds 100 gallons of plant material, which produces 12 ounces of pure essential oil (output varies depending on lavender variety and oil content). 


Our Essential Oil

We have more than 20 years of experience with lavender, and have won multiple awards for our premier lavender essential oil.


Our Services

Distilling lavender requires, time, energy, knowledge, and equipment. That’s why we offer lavender distillation services! Set up a time to drop off your freshly-harvested lavender at our farm, and we will distill it for you and leave you with your own quality essential oil and hydrosol from your plants.



We charge ___ for our premium distillation services.



Please email to set up a time to drop off your lavender to be distilled.

Attention: We are reorganizing our workshop from November 18th, 2023 to December 4th, 2023. Any orders (including the retail Black Friday Sale) will be process and shipped after December 4th. ~Team WWL