Oregon Lavender Honey

Our pure, natural, local honey is infused with flavors of lavender and lavender neroli to create a sweet treat! Neroli is an orange essence that subtly complements the lavender in a seamless blend. Our Oregon lavender honey is sweet, subtle, and absolutely delicious! It is the perfect touch drizzled in tea, coffee, yogurt, or as garnish on your latest baked treat! 

Comes in boxes of 12.

A note about crystallization: Pure honey will crystallize. This process is natural, spontaneous, and indicates that the honey is pure. Crystallization makes honey easier to spread, and enhances flavor. If you wish to re-liquify your honey, warm gently (90-100 degrees) in a water bath, oven, or sunny window. Overheating damages natural attributes.

Product Variations



Lavender Neroli


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3.75 oz Oval Hex Jar – black or gold lid

6 oz Oval Hex Jar – black, gold, or silver lid

9 oz Oval Hex Jar – black, gold, or silver lid

Gallon – plastic jug


Oregon honey, infused with lavender or lavender neroli (orange) essence