Lavender Extracts

Our pure lavender extract is incredibly versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory cuisine. The flavor is surprisingly herbal and zesty; a real culinary treat! Our sugar-free, gluten free, and gmo-free extracts are crafted only from natural ingredients.

Use in place of other extracts in a variety of baking or cooking recipes or add a small amount of extract to flavor both hot and cold beverages, desserts, and syrup. Lavender peppermint is an excellent addition to any brownie recipe, while lavender lemon is wonderful with chicken or in a variety of baking applications.

Product Variations



Lavender Lemon

Lavender Peppermint


1 oz – $4 (boxes of 12)

100 ml – $7.50 (boxes of 12)

16 oz – $28 (boxes of 12)

32 oz – $45 each (boxes of 12)

1/2 gallon -$75 each

1 gallon – $125 each


1 oz mini amber PET flask, black cap

100 ml amber glass flask, black cap

16 oz amber glass bottle, black cap

32 oz amber glass bottle, black cap

1/2 gallon

1 gallon


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