Pure Lavender Essential Oil


Our pure, award-winning essential oil is expertly distilled on our farm in Newberg, OR from our Grosso lavender plants. It is perfect for a variety of uses, including in soaps, lotions, bath bombs, or creams, while also making a great natural perfume when diluted and applied to skin or added to diffuser jewelry, and air freshener when used in a diffuser. You can even rub a few diluted drops under your nose at bedtime to help relax and fall asleep, or rub on burns and bug bites as a natural anti-inflammatory and bug repellent. The 10ml amber glass bottle has a dropper included in the the neck of the bottle; the larger sizes do not.

Dilute before use. Use the carrier oil of your choice and dilute at least 50%. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flame. Store in a cool dark place.

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100% pure lavender essential oil


10ml – $22, 1oz – $28, 4oz – $65, 8oz – $95, 16oz – $150