Yesterday we did what we call “going to town”. Town being the city of Portland, Oregon. We don’t go into “town” all that often so it’s always a special event for us, like a day off, a mini vacation of sorts.

Yesterday’s trip involved the usual errands of picking up provisions and supplies which we can’t access locally. We bought fabrics, ribbons and ingredients for making lavender goods, new shoes for one of the kids, had a nice lunch at an exotic – to us – restaurant and visited a few big box stores and wondered – what the ?

As we drove around “town” we found ourselves enveloped in sites, sounds, fragrances and sensations that we don’t experience on a regular basis. The strong odors of hot asphalt, exhaust fumes and storm drains. The bright colors of the cityscape against the sky, the beautiful flowers in the parks, the river running through the city with it’s contrast of nature dividing concrete. Loud engines, horns and voices all around us. Bright light reflecting off of towers of glass. It was beautiful. The city was speaking to all of our senses. We wondered – what would it be like to live here?

We found ourselves comparing our experiences in town to what people might be experiencing when they live in town and come out to the countryside. Walking a mountain trail, or meandering through a lavender field. Wondering, what would it be like to live here? Town and countryside, so different from each other yet the sensations can be the same depending on your frame of reference. Both can be something different, something beautiful, something exciting!

We truly enjoyed our trip to “town” yesterday and experienced it in all of it’s glory. Seeing it as something different, exciting and beautiful for us at the same time it might be mundane to someone else. Sometimes we could describe the farm as mundane but most of the time we call it overwhelming and hard work. A work we are dedicated to and a lifestyle we love but sometimes we still wonder – what would it be like….. For the love of lavender…

August 12, 2006